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Friday, March 15, 2019

Slate and Tile Roof Maintenance

Kaufman Roofing provides free slate and tile roof inspections. Inspections are best performed in the spring to catch winter damage promptly. In doing so we are able to assess and perform any necessary repairs to assure that your slate/tile roof remains viable for the long term, and able to protect your property and possessions.

Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, which require little to no maintenance short of impact or storm damage, slate and tile roof systems require ongoing
maintenance to assure the
longevity of these systems is realized.

In slate and tile roof systems, the slate and tile are essentially armor that protect the water proof underlayment that keeps the elements out of your property. It is understood that slate and tile can/will dislodge due to ice and snow weight pulling them out of the assembly, thus exposing the underlayment to UV rays which will cause damage to the underlayment. When underlayment is damaged, water and ice/snow can enter the home, so it is important to be mindful to promptly replace any missing slate/tile to avoid such situations.

Due to the longevity of slate and tile roof assemblies, which can last 85 – 90 years when maintained properly, metal components such as valley metal, flashings and/or metal roof saddles should be maintained with paint to ensure longevity and replaced when they wear out to avoid water damage to your property.

Contact Kaufman Roofing at 612-722-0965 to schedule your slate or tile roof inspection and maximize your roofing investment or click this link: schedule inspection.


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