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Friday, March 15, 2019

Slate and Tile Roof Maintenance

Kaufman Roofing provides free slate and tile roof inspections. Inspections are best performed in the spring to catch winter damage promptly. In doing so we are able to assess and perform any necessary repairs to assure that your slate/tile roof remains viable for the long term, and able to protect your property and possessions.

Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, which require little to no maintenance short of impact or storm damage, slate and tile roof systems require ongoing
maintenance to assure the
longevity of these systems is realized.

In slate and tile roof systems, the slate and tile are essentially armor that protect the water proof underlayment that keeps the elements out of your property. It is understood that slate and tile can/will dislodge due to ice and snow weight pulling them out of the assembly, thus exposing the underlayment to UV rays which will cause damage to the underlayment. When underlayment is damaged, water and ice/snow can enter the home, so it is important to be mindful to promptly replace any missing slate/tile to avoid such situations.

Due to the longevity of slate and tile roof assemblies, which can last 85 – 90 years when maintained properly, metal components such as valley metal, flashings and/or metal roof saddles should be maintained with paint to ensure longevity and replaced when they wear out to avoid water damage to your property.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Storage Space on Budget

    Photo via Pexels

Creative Ways To Increase Your Storage Space On A Budget

The demand for smaller homes is increasingly on the rise, as more and more people choose to live simpler lives or not have children, while others simply can’t afford a bigger place. Whether you are in a small home by choice or by necessity, chances are that have encountered a problem with storage. Space for storage is essential to keeping a home looking uncluttered and pleasant, but it tends to be one of the first things to go in a small house or apartment. 

Luckily, there’s nothing some DIY and shopping savvy can’t fix. Here are a few creative solutions you can use to boost your storage space without breaking the bank.

Shop Smart

If you are on a tight budget, always make sure you are checking online deals available at major retailers. There are plenty of stylish and practical storage options that fit in nicely with your decor without having to do any DIY. For instance, a Macy's coupon coupled with an additional discount will keep your costs low while helping to make your rooms look prettier and better-decorated. Alternatively, you can look to stores like Big Lots or HomeGoods to find heavily-discounted items to boost your storage capacity. 

Build A Shelf Around The Top Of The Room

It may feel like there is no space left in your house, but have you looked up? Most walls are completely bare, especially the two feet or so below the ceiling. Install a long shelf around the perimeter of a room in this area, and you can gain loads of storage space for things you like to see but don’t need to use often, like books, knick-knacks, special tableware, or houseplants (just make sure there is a ladder or box you can climb on to reach them). This how-to uses cheap materials, and can be done with very few DIY skills.

Use Your Doors

We often neglect the space available on our doors when thinking about storage space, but with the right items, these can make a huge difference. Most major retailers have door-hanging storage options, whether it’s baskets, pockets, or boxes, and they tend to be cheap. You can store almost anything in these spaces -- check out this blog post by One Good Thing for 12 creative uses for hanging door storage. You can find great deals on door-hanging storage and similar options at retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, which frequently offers additional discounts. Boost your savings further by digging around online for coupon sites that can provide extra money back or other promotions. 

Install An External Clothing Rack

If you have a small closet, finding space to hang things like jackets, shirts, and dresses can become tricky. A rack mounted to the wall or ceiling can be set up in any unused part of your room, boosting your closet space without the closet. Select a few of your prettiest items for this rail to make it a feature in your room, and don’t forget to utilize the space below the rack as well. This DIY version uses copper pipes for a beautiful hanging rack that comes together for less than $50. 

Build A DIY Storage Bench

A storage bench serves as a functional and comfortable place to sit, read, and relax, while also hiding plenty of deep storage space. While these are available to buy in many furniture shops, it is possible to make one quite cheaply if your DIY skills are up to the task. Bob Vila has compiled five great designs that can easily be incorporated into any room, and which use inexpensive materials for a great result.

Give It A Good Clean

If it’s been a minute since you did a deep clean, now is the time to act, especially once you’ve got new organizational systems in place. Arm yourself with homemade cleaning supplies to save money, or splurge on a maid service to get a deep clean in half the time it will take you alone. The average cost of maid service in Minneapolis is around $154, but if you’ve got a small home, it’s likely to be even less. 

People in big homes often take storage space for granted. However, good storage is more a matter of creative thinking than actual space. There’s plenty of unused space in any house, including on walls, around doors, under furniture, and in alcoves. You just need to be able to see the possibilities. These clever storage solutions are almost always cheap and simple to construct, and they also help you personalize the space as your own.